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Someone needs to bring order to chaos

– or how we developed from a consulting firm to become a supplier partner of an innovative and customized EHS&S software solution.

Denxpert grew out of one of the leading consulting firms in the Central and Eastern European region and began an independent life in 2021. However, our professional roots go back as far as 2006. We consider our services to be amongst the easiest solutions to implement in the international market with a local support network.
Our recipe for this is the following: together with colleagues with field experience at international companies and the best experts in the field of user-friendly user experience, we have worked for years to find the optimum between professional suitability and user experience to make life easier for thousands of companies.

Probably the most user-friendly EHS&S software in the world, based on our customer satisfaction NPS ® survey.

100.000 +

hours of design and development

good work takes time, we have designed and developed denxpert together with our international partners in 13 years

300 +


More than 300 companies use our EHS&S modules in different countries around the world

60 minutes

The time that can be enough for installing our software.

for a client we provided a ready-to-start system with users and sites in just 1 hour

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