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Full CSRD lifecycle management

Our software provides a comprehensive framework that makes your company fully compliant throughout - and beyond - its CSRD journey.

Double Materiality Assesment

Bring your Double Materiality Assessment (DMA) matrix to life, with our visualization!

Low commitment solution

No need to allocate a project team for months - You can deploy our solution in less than 60 days.

Localised for most EU countries

Our software can be customized to your country’s local CSRD legislation. If needed, our local consultants support you in the customization process.

Local CSRD compliance

Each EU member state is responsible for incorporating the CSRD requirements (and sanctions) within their jurisdiction. Our international network of 6,000 consultants helps your company adapt to your country’s local CSRD legislation and customize our software accordingly. 

As a member of the Inogen Alliance global network, professional support is provided in any country.

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A reliable solution in your CSRD compliance journey

Prioritizing CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) compliance in your organization is one of the most important decisions to ensure long-term business growth. With the help of our digital tool and global expert network, you will feel confident at every step of your CSRD reporting journey.


From scoping

The journey begins with conducting a double materiality and stakeholder assessment. These assessments help identify gaps in your current practices and set the stage for the rest of the process.


To reporting

Once you have collected the necessary data, the next step is to report your results. This involves using the ESAP (European Single Access Point) to present your performance clearly and concisely.


Sustainability reports with ease

Your journey is framed by our reliable, turnkey, and intuitive software for easy compliance with CSRD criteria. Our CSRD software will make your data collection and sustainability reporting effortless.


Leverage our reliable and intuitive software based on our 15 years of EHS management experience to meet CSRD criteria easily.
Our cloud-based CSRD software will make your data collection and sustainability reporting manageable.

Integratable with API to ease data collection

Audit proof workflow

Easy to use interface

Long-term support

Case Studies

Enhanced ESG Reporting

Meet the journey of global industry-leading companies, with operations across multiple countries, toward comprehensive ESG reporting and management. Goals were reached within a few months.


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Impressive EHS Legal Register

Good legal update overview, news section, and task management. Denxpert is very interactive, user-friendly, and helps to identify open tasks - this is very helpful.”

Theresa S., EHS Specialist, Civil Engineering

Very good program for compliance management

“Simple and logical use. Great overview of all relevant laws. Good support.”

Wiebke F., Safety Officer, Environmental Services

Unique experience

“I like the facility of use, it's a very important point, and also the fact that it facilitated the process of regulatory monitoring instead of using traditional means (excel..) We are more productive with the denxpert system. Another strong point is the support team behind denxpert, they’re very responsive!”

Ghita C., Chef de projet ESG & Compliance solutions, Environmental Services

Easier to handle safety data sheets

“It is the best product that can handle the legal requirements of chemical exposure monitoring.”

Enikő J., EHS coordinator, Machinery

Easy and quick

“Quick, easy, and user-friendly. Easily available, high support, fast system, helpful colleagues, flexibility.”

Sándor G., Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Manager, Electrical Manufacturing


“Easy, straightforward use. It is easy to pass on the usage.”

Kerekes E., HSE coordinator, Electrical Manufacturing

Single pane of glass solution

“The staff has received a good tool to support their work. The time spent on administration has decreased to the necessary minimum. Instead, the staff can address substantive environmental protection issues and greening of production. From the team of denxpert we received constant attention.”

Bence S., CMO, Information Technology and Services

Essential software for EHS, ESG and CSRD

“The cooperation is great, and will be expanding cooperation for the upcoming CSRD regulations. Best value for the price with very professional support (which is very important for us).”

Arthur G., COO, Computer Software

The Ultimate CSRD & ESRS Handbook

A must-have sustainability reporting playbook for companies operating in the EU.


What is CSRD?

CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) was created as part of the 2020 Green Deal to specify sustainability reporting requirements for large and listed companies operating in the EU. The EU has approved the directive, and reporting obligations start in 2024.

What is the motivation behind CSRD?

The main reason to introduce the CSRD is to guide companies towards implementing more sustainable business practices. Sustainability reporting is based on the understanding that all businesses must learn to operate sustainability to remain competitive in the long term.

What are the benefits of CSRD compliance?
  • Attracting investment based on ESG reporting
  • Creating a framework on your sustainable path
  • Reduced cost of reporting and fewer data requests
  • Leading position in the global competition through common reporting standard 
  • Understanding the impacts of your supply chain.
  • Prevents greenwashing and voices sustainability results.
What happens if you don’t comply?

You can expect administrative sanctions and three possible penalties: a public denunciation, an order to change your conduct or financial punishment. Each EU member state is responsible for setting the penalty and defining the limits of the sanctions within their jurisdiction.

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